15 Things To Do During Rainy Days in Quarantine

15 Things To Do During Rainy Days in Quarantine

Practicing social distancing and staying home is tough. What makes it worse? Rainy days. Here’s a list I created of fun things to do when you’re stuck inside on a rainy day during quarantine.  I’ve done each and every one of this suggestions and they definitely brought moments of fun and laughter during a difficult time. Comment below to add to the list! Tell me what you've done to stay busy during these rainy days. XO, Ashlee K. 

1. Play Houseparty with friends. This app is a ton of fun. Think FaceTime on steroids. You can face time with multiple friends all at once no matter where they are and play games like trivia, Pictionary and Heads Up. 

2. Pull out a board game! I love to play  Scrabble or UNO. A puzzle might be a good option if you’re in quarantine alone. I bought a 1500 piece puzzle to put together. Let’s just say, it’s still half done on the table.

3. Host your own Paint & Sip! I love to paint and happen to have all the necessary supplies. A quick order from Amazon or Michaels.com will give you all you need; A canvas, paint, paint brushes, and the wine! YouTube has so many videos you can follow along to! Click here to see some I like. 

4. Tie dye your clothes! This was by far one of my favorite activities I’ve done during quarantine. I got a Tulip Tie Dye kit and did a DIY tie dye on some sweats I had laying around. I tie dyed both a white sweatshirt and grey sweatpants. They came out gorgeous! I can’t wait to tie dye again. 

Couples Tie Dyed clothes

5. Check in on friends who you haven’t spoken to. This is an obvious one but we’re all guilty of getting caught up in what we’re going through and forget to think of others. Take a minute and send a friend a text. Give them a call or even face time them! Any kind of human connection will be sure to bring a smile to your face. 

6. Map out all the places you’d like to visit when we’re free. I don’t know about you but I’m READY to go with a list of places I want to go to. First locally, then within the US, then within the world! Consider this a bucket list. What do you plan on doing once we’re able to get out?

7. Work out inside or in your garage! Just because gyms are forced to close, doesn’t mean this is your excuse to slack off!  You can thank virtual workout classes to keep you staying fit and feeling good. I love having my Peloton bike but I also LOVE their classes! Join a weight training, yoga, or running class. Right from your phone.

8. Bake something yummy. When I’m stressed I love to bake. So you better believe I’ve baked more than I’d like to admit during this quarantine. Not a baker? TRY ANYWAY! Look up a recipe and give it a shot. I love using Pinterest to find recipes to bake! Here's the recipe to a GF Choc Chip Banana Bread that I made last week.

9. Pamper yourself! Do an at home spa day. If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that I’m high maintenance. Boy oh boy, do I have a beauty routine! Figure out what’s the most important to you and start there. Soak your feet and give yourself a pedicure. Order a color dip nail powder kit to give yourself a “gel color manicure” without the LED light. Apply a hair mask to your hair and leave it in all day. Wrap it up in a bun and wash out before bed for a deep conditioning. Are you a blonde? Use these amazing color toning drops by IGK Hair to turn your hair from brassy to ashy. Last but not least, I’ve been applying a sheet mask every week. I’m determined to have clear glowing skin by the end of this!

Do your own nails at home with Color Dip Powder

10. Make a vision board. I can’t think of a better time to start creating goals. What do you envision for the rest of the year? Cut and paste it onto a poster board! Don’t have magazines? That’s ok! Write / draw it out. I have a big calendar marker board that I write lists and goals on. Anything goes! Hang it somewhere you will see it every day to remind you of your dreams.

11. Self reflect. One thing I’ve learned during this stay at home order, is more about myself. I’ve had so much time for self reflection and have learned so much about the people in my life. I downloaded this app Day One journal and have created different journals for different things. One for business ideas. One for a prayer journal. One for dreams. Record this moment! It’ll be over before we know it.

12. Have a conversation. You didn’t think this would be 100% light hearted did you!? This is the time to talk it out. Get it off your chest! I can’t tell you how many deep conversations I’ve had with my boyfriend Scott and how much we’ve learned about each other. Good or bad, use this moment to talk and connect. We've loved doing a virtual date night with another couple! Include some snacks & wine. 

13. Reorganize cabinets, closets, and drawers. I love to organize. I love when every thing has a place and is in its place. Organize your under the sink in your kitchen or your bathroom. You’ll be surprised at how much junk you’re holding onto. You'll have so much space after! Here are some under the sink shelves that I use under my sink! This one for a drawers and this one for shelves 

14. Make a movie list and start checking them off. This sounds lame but let me tell you a secret — I don’t watch movies! I’m not a movie person. Only if I'm in the movie theater. Otherwise? Ehh. If it’s a cult classic, chances are I haven’t seen it. I’ve started making a list of movies and I’m vowing to watch 5 before this is all over. Any suggestions??

15. Start the business you’ve always wanted to. I had to save the best for last. You’ll never have this much down time again! Use this opportunity to create a business plan and take a shot at doing something you’re passionate about. Stay tuned for a blog post on how to start your business. That will be coming very soon!

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